There are various game modes in Band Master to cater to your play style. If you love to play with friends and jam, there are cooperative types of game modes: SOS Mode and Concert Mode. For those who want the thrill of competing against more seasoned players, there’s the Score Battle Mode and Shutter Battle Mode.

What’s great is you can practice alone in Practice Mode for as long as you want before you actually play with other players! There’s even a Community Mode where you can go around, meet new friends, and hang out with old friends and just enjoy music.

Practice Mode

This mode simply allows warming up or honing of music skills. Practice solo with a selected song, and check progress with the accuracy scored.

In Practice Mode, you can:

  • Play all free songs in the list.
  • Play, pause, and rewind the song to a certain part and resume.
  • Check your performance score to see if you are improving.
  • Make a million mistakes and not affect your EXP and BUX.

SOS Mode

Play with friends and other Band Master players and finish the song with no retired players.

How it’s played:

  • All players start with their energy bar half-filled. The energy bar is located at the bottom of the note window.
  • Each time you do a note combo, you fill your energy bar. But, every time you miss a note, your energy bar decreases.
  • The note window will turn red if you are at a critical level. If you deplete your energy bar, you RETIRE.
  • The group should then work on filling the team’s energy bar, which is located on the upper-right side of the note window.
  • Once it fills, anyone from the team can press SPACEBAR to revive a retired member.
  • For the SOS to be a success, there should be no retired players at the end of the song.

Concert Mode

Coming this OCTOBER!

Play a trio in this mode!

How it’s played:

  • This mode allows a maximum of 3 players.
  • Each player will be allowed to play only one instrument. Once an instrument is chosen, the remaining band members must choose a different instrument.
  • A CONCERT SUCCESS progress bar can be seen in the upper-middle part of the screen.
  • Each band member must be at the “Good” level (farthest right of the progress bar) at the end of the song for the concert to succeed.
  • If the song finishes with members in the “Bad” and “Normal” area, the concert will be a failure.
  • The team harmony which is indicated in the score results, determines the success of the band.

Versus Mode

Individual : This is the battle of the best between five players. Each player displays their skill with their given instrument by battling other players with the same instrument. Highest score wins bonus BUX, and the room ownership is transferred to the winner.

Band: This is a battle between bands. Each band must play a song to its completion while the performance is rated. Highest team score wins bonus BUX, and the room ownership i transferred to any member of the winning group.

Shutter Battle Mode

Coming this OCTOBER!

Who would’ve thought about PLAYER KILL (PK) in a music rhythm game?

Choose between Individual Shutter Battle or Team Shutter Battle. The objective? Wipe everyone out (except teammates, if you’re in a Team Shutter), it’s as simple as that.

What does it look like?

Individual Shutter Battle

Team Shutter Battle

Community Mode

Community mode allows players to meet new people, see friends, and casually jam in various community areas. Those within this mode interact with other members to find potential band mates or just to hold their own jam sessions.